Is it Safe to Travel to Colombia During Protests? - Medellin Guru
Is it safe to travel to Colombia during protests? We look at is it safe to travel to Colombia during protests, which have continued for over a month.

Is it Safe to Travel to Colombia During Protests?

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8 thoughts on “Is it Safe to Travel to Colombia During Protests?”

    1. Victor Angel Sanchez June 2, 2021

      We’ve been traveling in Mexico for over 3 months; I’m from California and my wife is from Medellin, and we have ZERO interest in returning to Medellin while these protests are going on, because about a year ago, we were in Santiago Chile while they were protesting(DESTROYING THEIR CITY) and it totally ruined that experience. Had I known this was going on, we would have totally avoided Chile. I admit the protests in Santiago were interesting for about a day or 2, but that quickly faded; the idea of potentially getting hit in the head by a rock wasn’t appealing; the protesters were breaking up the sidewalks, so they could use as ammo against the cops, and I wasn’t about to risk getting hit in the head with a piece of sidewalk to go to a museum. Oh, and getting to and from the airport was this extremely stressful event and Medellin is similar to Santiago in the sense that the airport is in another city (unless you’re flying domestic using EOH).

      Unless you’re a war journalist, I’d avoid any country that’s actively protesting, the chance of your trip being ruined is high(er), especially with covid restriction having many sites closed or on a limited schedule. Going on 3 months in Mexico, half of everything is closed, it’d definitely be much worse if Mexicans were protesting.

      • I disagree with you. The protests are easy to avoid and I had no problem going to the MDE airport when the road was blocked by protestors, there are multiple routes.

        However I would not go to Bogota or Cali like the author says.

    2. Baldonick Fernandez June 2, 2021

      Great article! Unfortunately CNN(Clown News Network) keeps showing old videos mentioning that violent protests are ongoing!! Just be smart and think that in the US, we had the same issues with the BLM protests, but the protesters shopped at expensive stores by looting them in the name of a protest.

      • Aisha June 3, 2021

        90% of BLM protest are non-violent so please don’t compare this ruckus to BLM

        • Baldonick Fernandez June 3, 2021

          Really! did you go down michigan avenue in Chicago? All the major expensive(they had good taste) Tiffany, Rolex, Macy’s etc were ransacked…. How about Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Miami, Philadelphia, St. Louis, etc.. You want photos and videos to prove this?

        • Frank Harrington June 24, 2021

          Nothing about BLM protests was or is peaceful. Ever heard of Portland, Seattle, DC, Atlanta?

    3. The US State Department Advisory is also put in place due to the way covid is still tearing through many places in Colombia, not solely due to the protests or violence.

      • Aldonick Fer June 24, 2021

        With a vaccine and follow proper hygiene and avoid very crowed areas you should not live in fear like Fauci is pouring the unnecessary fear! Life is too short to have this fear!!

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