Protests in Colombia: Current Status and What Happens Next? - Medellin Guru
Nationwide protests in Colombia started on April 28 which have continued for three weeks, we look at current status and what happens next.

Protests in Colombia: Current Status and What Happens Next?

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7 thoughts on “Protests in Colombia: Current Status and What Happens Next?”

    1. Sandra May 10, 2021

      Would a situation like Venezuela be thinkable in Colombia in the future?

      I have too little knowledge myself about South American politics to know the answer to be honest. But is there someone here who could give an answer to this question?

    2. Antony May 9, 2021

      Actually is bad the situation in Colombia. Policeman killing and disappearing protesters. In Cali Instagram is censured , and internet stop to work after 8 PM. Militaries everywhere. Buenaventura port is closed, this means that soon there will be no food in Colombia and prices will raise. Magically there is no covid and people continue dying in the silence of this Banana Republic. Oligarchy is what it is , an elitaria political party closing both eyes on human rights that actually are on Hold in Colombia. Cali Airport is closed.

      • You provide no sources.

        The Buenaventura port is not closed. The road to Buenaventura is blocked. https://caracol.com.co/emisora/2021/04/30/cali/1619733725_410539.html

        Also, reporting from readers the airport in Cali was closed for 1 day and is operating normal.

      • This Antony guy is clueless. The port is not closed but road was blocked but military is supposed to reopen it and airport is open.

        • Roger May 14, 2021

          Agree. Sadly feel like Covid has generated a whole new doom & gloomer subculture that is dangerous considering how some people will believe anything posted on social media as fact, when its at a minimum idiotic trolling, at its worst a mass movement to create unecessary panic and fear. During my research in preps for first trip to Colombia, have seen videos from several Youtube channels within the past week showing “Medellin demolished” by massive flood, with thousands of views!…Of course, red flags shot up in my mind so went to the local Colombian news pages and no mention of the “devastation and death” represented in those videos…Sadly, those thousands of views represent thousands of influential minds which is the real tragedy imho…Thankfully I’m “older and wiser” so didn’t buy it…Just a sign of the times so we must filter like never before…Thats why I only come here to Medellin Guru now for factual info without the hype…Shameless plug, but its the truth. Cheers.

      • Carolina May 20, 2021

        That is not true.

    3. I feel it is different this time, I cannot imagine the protests ceasing. People are angry and hungry, a terrible combination.

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