If you are an expat visiting the city of Medellin, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of or have been advised to visit Parque Lleras. Parque Lleras is considered the nightlife capital of Medellín. And it’s also a tourist attraction in an area known as Zona Rosa in the El Poblado neighborhood.

Essentially, Parque Lleras is a landmark where you can tell your taxi to drop you off and find many bars, nightclubs, cafes, and restaurants within a stone’s throw – any way you look.

There are no figures from the mayor’s office of how many tourists visit this area of Medellín daily. However, foreigners visit it, and this has caused a significant issue of insecurity in the sector.

However, in 2023, the operation “El Abrazo al Parque Lleras” began, which sought to restore security in the sector, and its figures demonstrate this.

Public spaces

12.859 m2 were renovated

More security

100 fences were installed at the six access points


Only adults are allowed access after 7 p.m.

Although the security issue has improved in El Parque Lleras, it is still a place where you must be careful with your belongings and always be attentive to your drink in every place you go; remember the issue of scopolamine. It is also common in that area.

At Medellin Guru, thinking about your safety, we created a guide with the emergency directory in Colombia, which you can download for free below.

Day vs Night in Parque Lleras

A day-time visit to Parque Lleras is substantially different than a night-time visit. During the day, take a stroll through the park and stop at the Juan Valdez coffee shop or even sit on the benches enjoying the free Wi-Fi.

Juan Valdez coffee shop in Parque Lleras
Juan Valdez coffee shop in Parque Lleras

Most of the bars and clubs and some restaurants are closed during the day. But some of the best cafes like Cafe Velvet and Pergamino are within two blocks from the park. And you’ll typically find many digital nomads doing some work in these cafes.

In addition, during the day in Parque Lleras you’ll usually find some vendors selling artwork, jewelry, snacks and trinkets.

Artwork for sale in Parque Lleras
Artwork for sale in Parque Lleras

The park is relaxing during the day because you won’t hear music, it is an ideal space to rest from work. Additionally, you will find free wifi.

At night, the beautiful lights above the park turn on, and you’ll notice the noise level, rowdiness, and the number of people increase tremendously.

All the restaurants surrounding the park are open, and you’ll hear DJs or live bands in several of the clubs on the weekends. There are many places around the park for cocktails and dancing.

For example, stop at the Charlee Hotel and take the elevator to the penthouse (the bar called Envy Rooftop) for a classy beverage and stunning skyline views.

A view from the Charlee Hotel’s rooftop bar at night – The Envy, photo courtesy of Charlee Hotel
A view from the Charlee Hotel’s rooftop bar at night – The Envy, photo courtesy of Charlee Hotel

At night, many more vendors come out and start getting a bit pushier about their services.  You’ll have a range, from those offering flyers from their club or restaurant to offers for drugs and various trinkets. Use caution, especially as a foreigner.

Inside Calle 9+1, photo courtesy of Calle 9+1
Inside Calle 9+1, photo courtesy of Calle 9+1

Parque Lleras Nightlife: Bars and Nightclubs

Well over 100 open-air restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are located in the streets around Parque Lleras. Many nightclubs are playing either a mixture of Latin music genres like reggaetón or salsa, rock, electronica music, and more.

Here is a list of 11 of the most popular bars and nightclubs in and near Parque Lleras (within a five-minute walk):

  1. Bendito Seas is full of cheesy Colombian decorations and popular with a young crown for drinking, dancing, and sometimes live music. Calle 10A # 38-21.
  2. Blue – a popular place to dance to rock music with a few Western rock songs typically mixed in. At Calle 10 # 40-20.
  3. Calle 9+1 – Mostly plays electronic music and attracts many foreigners and the LGBT crowd. Calle 10 # 40-10.
  4. El Deck – Both foreigners and locals frequent this popular club, and it’s sometimes packed when it has international DJs. Carrera 40 # 10-34.
  5. Envy Rooftop – a bar with a fantastic view at the top of The Charlee Hotel in Parque Lleras. Calle 9A # 37-16.
  6. La Chingona – a popular Colombia fonda-style club playing lots of Colombian music. Carrera 39 # 7-124.  (Update: this restaurant-bar is no longer based in Lleras).
  7. Mansion Club – a relatively small club with techno and house music – is only open Friday and Saturday nights. Carrera 36 # 10-37 (Update: this club is closed).
  8. Open Sky Rooftop – electronica music and known for having large cocktails. Carrera 38 # 8-  (Update: this club is closed).
  9. Salon Amador – a popular dance club that frequently has international DJs. Carrera 36 # 10-38.
  10. Skybar – Rooftop bar with an amazing view of the city. Carrera 38 # 8-83 (Update: this club is closed).
  11. Woka Lounge – a posh restaurant/bar that plays older tunes and is decorated with a rainforest theme. Carrera 38 # 8-13 (Update: this club is closed) 

Important: After the coronavirus pandemic, many bars, clubs, restaurants, and venues closed, and others moved to Provenza (the new party area of Medellín, located a few blocks above Lleras).

Inside Woka Lounge, photo courtesy of Woka Lounge
Inside Woka Lounge, photo courtesy of Woka Lounge

Sports Bars

There are four popular Parque Lleras sports bars, which are good places to watch major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series, or the NBA finals:

  • Ay, Wey Bar & Grill – serves Tex-Mex food – Calle 10 #35-33.
  • Hooters – the U.S.-based chain that serves wings and many other dishes – Carrera 37A # 8-44.
  • Patrick’s Irish Pub – a popular sports bar with a large menu – Carrera 37A # 8A-43.
  • Medellin Beer Factory – a popular sports bar with two locations in Parque Lleras and nearby – Carrera 37A # 9-9A in Parque Lleras and Calle 10 # 35-16 (nearby).

We included all four of these sports bars in an article about 6 popular sports bars in Medellín.

Some of the women working at Ay Wey Bar & Grill, photo courtesy of Ay Wey Bar & Grill
Some of the women working at Ay Wey Bar & Grill, photo courtesy of Ay Wey Bar & Grill

Parque Lleras Restaurants

There are many restaurants in Parque Lleras and within a few blocks. And 11 of the most popular in the nearby area include:

  1. Al Rojo – Italian and steak restaurant – Calle 9 # 38-09 (This restaurant is closed on El Lleras)
  2. Basilica – a mix of Peruvian and sushi – Carrera 38 # 8A-42 (This restaurant is closed)
  3. Carmen – one of the best restaurants in Medellín with good international food – Carrera 36 # 10A-27
  4. Café Zorba – a very popular pizzeria with very good vegetarian thin-crust pizzas – Calle 8 # 42-33
  5. Chef Burger – a popular gourmet burger chain in Medellín – Calle 11A # 42 – 05 (This restaurant is closed on El Lleras)
  6. El Cielo – another of the best restaurants in Medellín – Carrera 40 # 10A-22
  7. Hanami – perhaps the best Japanese restaurant in Medellín – Calle 10B # 35-8
  8. Il Forno – a popular chain of Italian restaurants in Medellín – Carrera 37A # 8-9
  9. Mondongos – traditional Colombian food with large portions – Calle 10 # 38-38

And there are many more restaurant choices on the streets around Parque Lleras. Also, there are many more restaurant options in the nearby Provenza neighborhood.

In addition, along Calle 10 near Parque Lleras, you can find many fast food options, including American fast food like Domino’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Subway.


Ay Caramba restaurant in Parque Lleras
Ay Caramba restaurant in Parque Lleras

Parque Lleras Coffee Shops

Also, there are several popular Parque Lleras area coffee shops, including:

  • Buenavida Café – a small coffee shop that isn’t as crowded as the others – Carrera 37 # 8A-116
  • Café Velvet – a popular café with digital nomads – Carrera 37 #8A-46
  • Juan Valdez Café – a huge coffee shop chain in Colombia – Carrera 37A # 8A-74
  • Pergamino Café – perhaps the best-known independent coffee shop in Medellín, also popular with digital nomads – Carrera 37 # 8A-37
  • Swiss Bakery – small coffee shop with Swiss bread and desserts – Carrera 39 # 8-74
Pergamino Café
Pergamino Café

Safety in Parque Lleras

In general, I find Parque Lleras a safe area if you choose to avoid trouble. There is usually a noticeable police presence, particularly at night.

Parque Llleras has been experiencing problems with drugs and prostitution, resulting in an increased police presence. Also, you are no longer permitted to drink alcohol in Parque Lleras.

Foreigners tend to be targeted a bit more for the things that could get one in trouble here in Medellin, so it’s best to stay away from all negative temptations.

Most notably, a popular expression called Dar Papaya translates to Don’t Give Papaya.  This means don’t give people a reason to target or steal from you. This can include wearing expensive jewelry, having your phone out unnecessarily, or drinking too much and looking inebriated.

Also, dress conservatively and lose the shorts and flip-flops. Try not to be such an obvious foreign tourist that can make you a target. See how typical Colombians dress. An expat in shorts and flip-flops speaking English loudly on an iPhone will likely attract unwanted attention in Parque Lleras and other parts of Medellín.

During 2023, the security conditions in Parque Lleras have changed. Since the month of May, it was decided to close this space to control the entry, thus prohibiting minors from being in this place at night. Also, there is more police presence in the area.

If you want to know the Medellín police stations near to that sector, download the guide below.


If you dress like this, you may attract some unwanted attention
If you dress like this, you may attract some unwanted attention

But you’ll see obvious foreigners in Parque Lleras always dressed in shorts and flip-flops and sometimes doing things they shouldn’t. So, you should see our 17 Medellín security tips to keep yourself safe.

While I have experienced no issues, you can easily get into trouble by accepting or purchasing unethical things.  As with any visit to a new country, keep your wits about you, stay aware, and do not walk home alone. Also, it is best to take a taxi at night unless you are going a very short distance.

Statue in center of Parque Lleras - in memory of eight killed in a car bombing on May 17, 2001 in Parque Lleras
Statue in center of Parque Lleras - in memory of eight killed in a car bombing on May 17, 2001 in Parque Lleras

Also, in the center of Parque Lleras, you will see a statue that is a memorial from a darker time in Medellín. On May 17, 2001, there was a car bomb detonated in Parque Lleras that killed eight people and wounded almost 100 others.

How to Get to Parque Lleras

Parque Lleras is located very close to one of the main streets in El Poblado – Calle 10. Technically, the park is surrounded by the following four streets: Calle 9A, Carrera 40, Calle 9, and Carrera 37A.

The nearest Medellín Metro station is the Poblado station on the A Line. Parque Lleras is a 20-minute walk uphill from the metro station. In addition, two other popular parks – Parque Poblado and Parque Presidente, are about a five-minute walk from Parque Lleras.

Taxis are another option to get to Parque Lleras. Every taxi driver in Medellín will know where Parque Lleras is located.

And if you are looking for a specific address in or near Parque Lleras, I think it’s fair to say that many locals do not know the exact street numbers or names. This includes taxi drivers.

However, people know the important landmarks, parks, and their corresponding locations.

This part of the street surrounding the park is closed off to vehicles and at night, the lights above the street turn on
This part of the street surrounding the park is closed off to vehicles and at night, the lights above the street turn on

So, if you’re going to a restaurant near Parque Lleras, you can easily tell your driver Parque Lleras and walk a block or two to your bar or restaurant destination. The one-way streets surrounding the park can get confusing and frustrating.

Another good idea is using the smartphone apps Waze and Google Maps, two of the 20 best mobile apps in Medellín and Colombia.

Where you can Stay in Parque Lleras

The Belmonte Penthouse

The Belmonte Penthouse

A luxurious paradise just a 9-minute walk away from Lleras Park
Plaza Homes Global

Plaza Homes Global

Global Real Estate agency that covers all of your needs 🇨🇴

Parks and Plazas in Medellín

On the Medellin Guru website, we have looked at 12 different parks and plazas in the Medellín and Aburra Valley area:

  1. Parque Arví – a very large nature reserve, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Medellín.
  2. Parque Lleras – the top nightlife district in Medellín.
  3. Piedras Blancas – an ecological park near Medellín worth visiting.
  4. Parque Sabaneta – arguably the nicest park in the Medelllín metro area.
  5. Plaza Botero – a popular outdoor plaza with 23 sculptures by Fernando Botero.
  6. Plaza Cisneros – Parque de las Luces, Medellín’s Park of Lights in El Centro.
  7. Jardín Botánico – the popular Medellín botanical gardens.
  8. Parques Del Río – Medellín’s ambitious River Parks project along the Medellín River with the first stage open.
  9. Plaza San Antonio – a large plaza with four Fernando Botero sculptures and sometimes has concerts.
  10. Cerro el Volado – a huge park with incredible views of Medellín.
  11. Cerro Pan de Azucar – a park with amazing views of Medellín.
  12. Parque de los Deseos – a popular park in Zona Norte offering various free cultural activities.
Parque Lleras is not exactly a park, but several steps, places to sit and concrete areas where people can hang out, socialize and relax
Parque Lleras is not exactly a park, but several steps, places to sit and concrete areas where people can hang out, socialize and relax

The Bottom Line: Parque Lleras

Although, due to the COVID pandemic, many restaurants and bars closed, overall, Parque Lleras has an abundance of nightlife, restaurants, cafes, and rumba. It’s worth a visit if you’re in the El Poblado area. Also, directly east of Parque Lleras is a neighborhood known as Provenza, with many more restaurants and bars.

Parque Lleras is an area very popular with foreign tourists with all the nightlife and restaurants. In addition, many hostels, hotels, and furnished apartments are nearby. One downside is that drinks and meals in this area are more expensive than in other city areas.

However, Parque Lleras is not the only nightlife area in the Medellín metro area worth visiting.  Significantly less frequented by foreigners but no less lively is Calle 33 in Laureles. Another popular nightlife area is LA 70 (Setenta), in Laureles. You will find a few foreigners, various salsa bars, and small clubs in this area.

Also, some large and popular nightclubs exist in Barrio Colombia, and Las Palmas. In addition, Parque Sabaneta in Sabaneta is arguably the nicest park in the Aburrá Valley that comes alive at night on the weekends with more of a traditional Antioquian experience in many nearby bars and fondas (local discos).

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