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Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge was a restaurant in Envigado that moved to El Poblado is owned by a foreigner who grew up in Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge Moves to El Poblado in Medellín

Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge is a new restaurant that opened on August 4 in Envigado owned by a foreigner who grew up in Brooklyn, New York but in January 2021 it moved to the Manila barrio of El El Poblado.

The new restaurant is a partnership of Chef Johnathan (who wanted to leave his federal job to open his own place) and his Colombian wife Jelitz. Jelitz is originally from Cienega, Colombia. But she felt Medellin would be the perfect place after traveling around with her husband.

Chef Johnathan grew up in Brooklyn, New York. And he was always fascinated by its diversity within the different population of people living there and the variety of food available that represented different countries right within his neighborhood area.

Brooklyn is an example of multi-culturealism at work in the United States. And Johnathan has traveled to over 30 countries in the world where he was introduced to different places, people, and cuisines.

The restaurant is a culmination of Johnathan’s passion of his childhood growing up in Brooklyn and his travels in the world. The restaurant serves simple yet beautifully crafted dishes from fresh ingredients inspired by moms, grandmothers and chefs that Johnathan encountered throughout his travels.

Inside Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge in Envigado

Inside Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge in Envigado

More About Chef Johnathan

Chef Johnathan Metellus was trained at the Culinary Institute of America. The chef began his food service career in the military as a food service specialist in 1982, where he was given the opportunity to attend a culinary workshop; and then chosen to represent in a competition.

However, Johnathan said, his interest in food and cooking began long before, “when I started burning cookies in my mother’s oven.”

Johnathan’s professional experiences includes work in large hotels, independent restaurants, education, corporate and healthcare systems.

He held the positions of Executive chef, Sous chef to General manager at:  Sheraton hotel, NY, Seelbach Oakroom, Louisville, KY, Howard University, Washington, D.C, Big Banana, Antiqua, W.I, Hotel Pulitzer, Louisiana Cajun kitchen Amsterdam, Netherlands, U.S Air Force, Fussa, Japan; U.S.Army, Seoul, South Korea. Also, he was a culinary instructor for private and educational companies in New York city and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In addition, Chef Johnathan holds the distinction of Certified Executive chef and Certified Culinary Educator from the American Culinary Federation.

An ardent traveler, Chef Johnathan has incorporated his travels into his passion and his love for food. Johnathan loves to travel, and he has developed his own particular cuisine from what he has experienced. “I go to different countries to find something distinctive and bring it back with me,” said the chef, who has visited more than 33 countries.

The Burgermeister buger

The Burgermeister buger

The Food Menu at Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge

Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge plans to expand its menu in the future. Currently ere are 11 main dishes on the menu.

  1. Fish & Chips – Beer battered fried or grilled fish, Cajun coleslaw, parmesan fries – 28,900 pesos.
  2. Blacken shrimp & chicken linguini – Shrimp and chicken tossed in a Cajun cream sauce – 29,900 pesos.
  3. Burgermeister – Chermoula seasoned 6 oz burger with smoked bacon, tomato, lettuce and “the other sauce” with side dish – 21,900 pesos.
  4. San Francisco Chicken Panini – Marinated basil breast with roasted tomatoes, bacon, Monterey jack cheese and avocado with side dish – 22,900 pesos
  5. Penne Roma – Marinated tomatoes, penne, fresh spinach – 17,900 pesos.
  6. Roasted vegetable Panini – Marinated roasted vegetables, with white bean hummus, whole grain bread with side dish – 18,900 pesos
  7. Brazilian mixed grill – Seasoned, grilled Chicken, & skirt steak, chimichurri sauce, sofrito potatoes – 31,900 pesos.
  8. Medellin chick filet – Buttermilk soak chicken breast, seasoned & fried, pickle and “the other sauce” with side dish – 24,900 pesos.
  9. Jamaican me hungry – Guava jerk chicken w/ vegetable rice pilaf and stewed cabbage – 27,900 pesos.
  10. Carolina smoked pulled pork – Slow-cooked seasoned pork with SC BBQ sauce w/BBQ potatoes – 23,900 pesos.
  11. Shepherd’s pot pie – Well-seasoned ground meat mixture top with whipped potatoes – 21,900 pesos.
Shepherd's pot pie

Shepherd’s pot pie

Note some of the above main dishes get the choice of a free side dish – waffle fries, yuca Fries, regular fries, or Cajun coleslaw.

In addition, there are three salads on the menu for 14,900 to 15,900 pesos. Also, there are three desserts on the menu priced from 9,000 to 10,000 pesos.

The Drink Menu

Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge currently has a small drink menu since it is not yet open for table service due to the quarantine.

The drink menu includes several domestic and imported beers for 8,000 to 9,000 pesos. Also, there are non-alcoholic drinks including an Arnold Palmer for 10,000 pesos, lemonade for 8,000 pesos and Coke and Postobon sodas for 5,000 pesos.

Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge is about a 15-minute walk from the Ayura metro station

Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge is about a 15-minute walk from the Ayura metro station

How to Get to Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge

Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge was in Envigado in an area known as Calle de la Buena Mesa (Street of the Good Table), which has many restaurants.

But in January 2021, Brooklyn moved to the Manila barrio of El Poblado.

One way to get there is via the Medellín Metro. And the restaurant is located less than a 10-minute walk from the Poblado metro station on Line A.

Address: Carrera 43E # 11A-15, Barrio Manila, El Poblado

Phone (WhatsApp) for deliveries: +57 321 616 8647

Website (Instagram): https://www.instagram.com/brooklynrl_/

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 11 am to 10 pm; Sunday: brunch 9 am to 3 pm.

Inside Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge's new location in the Manila barrio, photo courtesy of Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge

Inside Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge’s new location in the Manila barrio, photo courtesy of Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge

The Bottom Line: Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge Moves to El Poblado in Medellín

Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge is an interesting new restaurant that was located in Envigado started by a foreigner from the U.S. in August 2020 but moved in January 2021 to the Manila barrio of El Poblado.

Opening a restaurant during the quarantine in Colombia must be a major challenge.

We at Medellin Guru wish the husband and wife owners of this restaurant “Good Luck”!

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Editors note: updated on January 22, 2021 with the new location of Brooklyn Restaurant & Lounge in the Manila barrio of El Poblado.

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    1. Oscar Buitrago August 6, 2020

      Oscar is the name.. from Popayan,Colombia, living in the U.S. for 60 years. French Pastry Chef from Le Notre School, France. Love Medellin. The first chance we have we will see you in Colombia. Oscar.

      All the luck in the World.

    2. I wish you all the luck in the world ,,, looking forward too dining in your resturant when i can .. All The Best ..

    3. I agree the menu looks delicious. With the chef’s background it would be amazing to have a place in town to get a some real Cajun Gumbo without any Okra in it. Best of luck!!

    4. Jofannie Karla August 3, 2020

      Having grown up in Brooklyn myself, to pay homage to a fellow Brooklynite, as soon as we are able to travel to Medellin, we will high tail it over to this restaurant. My mouth is watering after reading his menu. Congratulations. Now all he needs is an egg cream!

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