Imagine enjoying the tropical vibes with the soothing sound of music blending with the cool breeze while the aroma of freshly cooked food fills the air. You can take a bite of a delicious burger or sip on a refreshing passion fruit milkshake as you relax. You can have this experience if you choose to visit Beach Burger.

The hamburger industry in Colombia has experienced significant growth in recent years, with more and more establishments striving to offer unique and innovative options to attract customers. According to a study published in Forbes Magazine, Medellín, Bogotá, and Cartagena are the cities with the highest number of burger options available on restaurant menus, making it a popular and preferred dish among Colombians.

Jason, The creator of beach burger.
Jason, The creator of beach burger.

The origin of Beach Burger

Ten (10)  years ago, Jason and his wife, Angela, decided to cook at home after the birth of their son. They preferred to avoid eating food in restaurants or ordering delivery. To have greater variety in their dishes, they looked for different recipes on the internet and followed tutorials on YouTube. 

After testing which dishes worked or didn’t, they realized they were creating delicious food. So, they began to prepare those recipes for their family and friends, and everyone encouraged them to open their place. 

For that reason, Beach Burger was born, where families and friends could gather to enjoy delicious food and each other’s company.

"Choosing the name was easy because I wanted something people could remember. I chose the word beach as it is simple to pronounce in any language. My goal was for people to connect with the peaceful and fun state of mind that the beach represents."
Creator of Beach Burger.
Beach Burger has delivery available.
Beach Burger has delivery available.

The authentic taste of a hamburger

For those who have yet to have the opportunity to visit the United States or for expats who are from there, Beach Burger will transport you not only to the beach but also. Still, it will also give you an explosion of flavors. The highlight of the burger is the consistency of its meat, which is accompanied by the house sauce and will make you feel like you are in the United States.

The meat is the special ingredient in Beach Burger preparations; they always ensure it’s fresh. To achieve this, they grind it every day and have a special preparation to give it its seal, ensuring that people can enjoy it from their first bite to the last.

The secret to making a great burger is to use fresh potato bread that adds a light and soft touch to accompany the meat. The final step is to use the smash-type technique, which involves flattening the meat strongly against the grill. This makes the burger crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside without losing its properties.

Beach Burger

Beach Burger

Where Flavor Fusions Take a Vacation!

At this restaurant, you can find classic burgers and more daring options like the mango sauce burger, which Medellin Guru recommends.

Jason’s wife started experimenting in the kitchen to create a unique recipe. Her goal was to prepare a sauce that would always be fresh, creamy, and enjoyable. During her experimentation, she added mangoes to the sauce, adding a distinctive texture, flavor, and a unique touch to her burgers. As a coincidence, this sauce became one of the most popular at Beach Burger.

If you’re a fan of burgers with fries and onion rings, you’ll be happy to know that both options are available on the menu. And, of course, a drink is a must-have to complete your meal. They have two (2) drink options, including the birthday milkshake, which is perfect for celebrating special occasions. We recommend trying the passion fruit shake for a unique flavor experience. This Colombian fruit has an ideal balance of sweet and sour that you will surely enjoy.

Beach Burger stands out from other hamburger establishments in Medellín due to its unique and authentic flavors. You can enjoy classic American hamburgers or try their special recipe with mango sauce, which you won’t find anywhere else in the city. What sets this place apart is the exquisite taste of its meat. Its freshness and juiciness combine to create a gratifying dining experience. You have to try it for yourself.

The Beach Burger Location

Getting to this place is very easy because it is located in the Guayabal neighborhood, in Edificio El Centro Empresarial 808, at location 0104. 

If you are in your vehicle, the building has parking. However, if you are arriving by public transportation or taxi, the best route from the western central area of the city is to take the 80 and go through all of Belén until you reach Guayabal. 

If you are from the southern part of the city, you should take Aguacatala in the southwest direction. After approximately 15 minutes of travel, you will arrive at El Centro Empresarial.

Don’t worry if you can’t get there because Beach Burger has a broad coverage of addresses in the city, and your food will arrive fresh in a few minutes at the door of your house. It will be the special companion for a day of movies or simply for those moments you don’t want to cook. So, if you want to try the authentic beach flavor in our next image, you can contact them through WhatsApp.

Beach Burger

Beach Burger

Where Flavor Fusions Take a Vacation!

From Tuesday to Friday

From 12 noon until 8:45 at night.


From 3 pm to 11:30 pm.

The next step for Beach Burger

Beach Burger has promising plans for 2024 as they aim to participate in the renowned Burger Master. The festival is a culinary competition that offers hamburgers at a discounted rate, making it accessible to a broader audience. At the end of the festival, the top 10 best hamburgers in each city are selected based on diners’ votes.

In March, the restaurant will launch a new burger to attract more customers and let them experience the authentic beach flavor. The restaurant is currently in the final stages of preparation for this new recipe to provide the best quality food to their customers.

Jason plans to expand Beach Burger and establish a presence in the southern part of the city. He believes that many foreigners in this area would like to try out his products. Additionally, he has a friendly and helpful staff dedicated to providing his clients with the best possible service.

Beach Burger will bring a new flavor in 2024.
Beach Burger will bring a new flavor in 2024.

Medellin Guru's experience at Beach Burger

Getting to the Centro Empresaria and finding Beach Burger is easy because it stands out with its fluorescent orange color among other food outlets. Jason smiled and welcomed us to enjoy their delicious food options as we approached.

We let him surprise us with his recommendations, and he brought us a classic smash burger with french fries and a passion fruit milkshake.

After taking the first bite, you immediately feel the juiciness of the meat and a house sauce that perfectly accompanies the burger. In addition, the potatoes have the right amount of paprika and salt.

Although the passion fruit milkshake is a unique proposal, we let ourselves be conquered because it combines sweetness and acid, ideal for a hot day.

Below, we leave you the best features we found in Beach Burger.

The most authentic burger in the city.

Freshly made food.

Proposal with unique flavors.

Excellent service.

Speed in their deliveries.

It is a place with affordable prices.

It's always a good time for a burger from Beach Burger.
It's always a good time for a burger from Beach Burger.

The Best of Medellín

The bottom line: Beach Burger, the taste of the beach in Medellín

If you are in Medellín, you should check out Beach Burger! It’s a great place to spend time with your family and friends while savoring the best burgers in the city, made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. They have options for everyone, whether you like classic burgers or want to try something new.

 Also, remember that they will soon introduce a new flavor, so it’s a perfect reason to visit them. Jason and his team will be delighted to serve you!

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