La Pampa Parrilla Argentina is a popular chain of five Argentinian steakhouses in Medellín, which has some really good steaks, BBQ ribs as well as good gourmet burgers.

I am a fan of Argentina steakhouses and thankfully Medellín has several including the chain of five La Pampa restaurants. This chain of steakhouses has grown to five restaurants in Medellín because it’s very popular.

Furthermore, it’s currently ranked #3 out of over 1,200 restaurants in Medellín by TripAdvisor. But be skeptical of ratings on TripAdvisor, as there are some better restaurants in Medellín in my opinion and the opinions of several other expats I have talked to – such as Carmen, Oci.Mde and El Cielo that rank lower on TripAdvisor.

In South America, a steakhouse where grilled meats are served is known as a parilla like La Pampa Parrilla Argentina.

I have been to four of the five La Pampa locations in Medellín. And the food and service has been consistently good in my experience. In addition, the restaurants have Wi-Fi available so you can surf the Internet or work.

The restaurants all offer a nice atmosphere suitable for any occasion, from a business lunch to a dinner date or a night out with friends or family.

On the weekends, these popular steakhouses can get busy. So, I recommend calling for a reservation. Some of the restaurants also have live music on the weekends.

Note the above photo is the La Pampa restaurant in Provenza in El Poblado.

Chateaubriand steak with baked potato at La Pampa

Chateaubriand steak with baked potato at La Pampa

My Experiences at La Pampa Parrilla Argentina

I first discovered La Pampa several years ago when looking for a new place to go to dinner with my wife. We ended up at the location in Provenza in El Poblado. And since that time, I have been to La Pampa several times each year

I have tried many things on the menu, including several of the grilled steaks, the grilled pork, the ribs and the burgers and all were good.

I recently went to La Pampa with a reader of Medellin Guru. He had New York imported steak and he said it was the best steak he had eaten in Medellín. And I had the Chateaubriand (tenderloin) steak that was cooked perfectly and was also very good.

The total for the two of us was 137,500 pesos ($49 USD) including drinks and tip.

New York steak (imported) with mashed potatoes at La Pampa

New York steak (imported) with mashed potatoes at La Pampa

The Food Menu

La Pampa has a fairly extensive menu. The specialty at La Pampa is of course the grilled steaks. And they have 11 different steaks on the menu:

  1. Bife de Chorizo (sirloin) – 36,500 pesos
  2. Churrasco (butterfly opened style sirloin) – 36,500 pesos
  3. Baby beef (thin cut tenderloin) – 42,500 pesos
  4. Baby beef half portion – 29,500 pesos
  5. Chateaubriand (tenderloin) – 42,500 pesos
  6. Punta de Anca (steak tips) – 36,500 pesos
  7. Ojo de Bife (rib eye) – 36,500 pesos
  8. T-Bone – 42,500 pesos
  9. New York steak (imported) – 68,500 pesos
  10. Vacio (flank steak imported) – 68,500 pesos
  11. Skirt steak “Entrana” (imported) – 97,500 pesos

In addition, they have a number of other grilled options on the menu:

  • Pork loin – 34,500 pesos
  • Pork tips – 34,500 pesos
  • Chicken skewers – 24,500 pesos
  • Pork ribs – 42,500 pesos
  • Chicken breast – 32,500 pesos
  • Breaded veal – 34,500 pesos
  • Breaded veal Neapolitan – 34,500 pesos
  • Salmon – 48,500 pesos
Grilling steaks at La Pampa

Grilling steaks at La Pampa

Also, on some days they have slow roasted pig for 42,500 pesos and the excellent Bondiola (juicy cut of pork loin) for 39,500 pesos.

All the grilled dishes at La Pampa come with a trip to a small salad bar and a choice of one side. Side options include French fries, steak fries, baked potato, mashed potatoes, onion rings or cassava fries.

Small salad bar at La Pampa

Small salad bar at La Pampa

In addition, the menu includes four different sandwiches prices from 24,200 to 31,900 pesos. And there are four different salads on the menu priced from 13,600 to 25,200 pesos.

La Pampa also has 11 gourmet burgers on the menu that range in price from 21,000 pesos to 25,300 pesos. The burgers are very good in my experience and come with a choice of fries or onion rings.

A burger with onion rings at La Pampa, photo courtesy of La Pampa

A burger with onion rings at La Pampa, photo courtesy of La Pampa

Also, there are 11 different appetizers on the menu ranging in price from 10,900 to 27,500 pesos. And there are several different pasta options on the menu that range in price from 24,500 to 39,500 pesos.

Furthermore, there is a kid’s menu with chicken breast with a side or a kid’s hamburger for 15,800 pesos. Finally, there are six different desserts on the menu including a cup of ice cream, caramel flan, chocolate cake and cheesecake that range in price from 6,200 to 10,500 pesos.

The Drink Menu

On the drink menu, the restaurant chain has eight different beer options priced from 7,000 to 9,500 pesos.

They also offer three Finca La Escondida as their house wines for 68,000 pesos per bottle or 39,000 for a half bottle. And they have Michel Torino Ciclos wine for 102,000 pesos per bottle. Also, a glass of the Finca La Escondida house wines costs 19,000 pesos.

In addition, the drink menu has sangrias for 39,000 pesos for a half bottle, 68,000 pesos for a full bottle and 19,000 pesos for a cup.

Furthermore, they have nine different cocktails priced at 18,400 to 23,000 pesos. And several liquors like rum, whisky and aguardiente for 8,000 to 19,000 pesos for a shot, 45,000 to 112,000 for a half bottle and 74,000 to 198,000 pesos for a bottle.

Furthermore, they have several natural juices for 7,000 pesos, lemonades for 9,500 to 10,500 pesos and sodas and bottled water for 4,500 pesos.

How to Get to La Pampa Parrilla Argentina

La Pampa has grown over the past several years to five restaurants in Medellín. These restaurants are all located in two of the most popular neighborhoods for foreigners: El Poblado and Laureles.

The five La Pampa restaurant locations are as follows:

  1. El Poblado – Provenza: Carrera 33 # 8A-11; +57 4 311 5993
  2. El Poblado – Las Palmas: Vía Las Palmas Km2 (near Carulla); +57 4 312 3909
  3. El Poblado – Mall Interplaza: Carrera 30 # 10C-228; +57 4 266 9663
  4. Laureles – Avenida Jardín; +37 4 366 7304
  5. Laureles – Near Segundo Parque; +37 4 366 0706

Note La Pampa had a sixth location near the Primer Parque in Laureles but it closed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/LaPampaParrillaArgentina/

Unfortunately, none of the La Pampa restaurant locations are near a metro station of the Medellín Metro. So, the easiest way to get to one of these restaurants is via a taxi.

Or if you are in or near Parque Lleras in El Poblado, the La Pampa Provenza location is only about a five-block walk. From Parque Lleras go to Calle 10 and go right (east) about four blocks to Carrera 33. And take a right and the restaurant will be on the right side of the street.

Best Steakhouses in Medellín and the Aburrá Valley

Steakhouses are popular in Medellín and the Aburrá Valley. And on the Medellin Guru website we have looked at 12 of the best steakhouses in the area:

  1. Lucio Carbon y Vino – a popular steakhouse in Envigado with very good steaks.
  2. Barbaro Cocina Primitiva – a popular steakhouse with two restaurants in Medellín with good steaks.
  3. El Correo Carne y Vino y Amada – a steakhouse chain with three restaurants in Medellín.
  4. San Carbon – reportedly the largest steakhouse in Medellín.
  5. La Pampa – a chain with five Argentinian steakhouses in Medellín.
  6. Cambalanche – a popular Argentinian steakhouse in the Patio Bonito barrio of El Poblado.
  7. Malevo – a popular Argentinian steakhouse in the Manila barrio of El Poblado.
  8. Voraz Restaurante – a popular steakhouse in Laureles.
  9. Toro Restaurante – another popular steakhouse in Laureles.
  10. La tRES uno – a small steakhouse in Envigado with good steaks.
  11. Black Pepper Steakhouse – a popular steakhouse in Envigado.
  12. Mama Santa Parrillada – arguably the best steakhouse in Sabaneta.

In addition, we included La Pampa in our list of the 12 best steakhouses in Medellín and the Aburrá Valley.

Upstairs at the Provenza La Pampa

Upstairs at the Provenza La Pampa

The Bottom Line: La Pampa Parrilla Argentina in Medellín

I am a big fan of Argentinian steak places, especially after eating at several Argentinian steak places in Buenos Aires, Argentina. So, I am happy I discovered La Pampa several years ago in Medellín. They offer really good steaks for a decent price.

If you are looking for a good Argentinian style grilled steak, BBQ ribs or good burgers, the La Pampa restaurants in Medellín are a good choice. And the service has always been attentive and friendly in my experience.

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Editors note: updated on February 28, 2021 to remove the La Pampa located at the Primer Parque in Laureles, which is closed. 

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