Medellín vs Belize: Which is the Better Place to Live - Medellin Guru
Medellín vs Belize. Both are rated as top foreign retirement locations for expats and we compare the two places in 19 categories.

Medellín vs Belize: Which is the Better Place to Live

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5 thoughts on “Medellín vs Belize: Which is the Better Place to Live”

    1. Is it true 70% of cocaine comes from Colombia?

    2. There are other parts of Belize that is safer than the city itself, I believe every where here is the good and and bad side of it, Belize is one of the best country in the central America, when its come to food nobody can beat the taste, environment is very attractive and scenic and the list goes on …

    3. Patricio January 11, 2021

      I totally disagree in safety and climate: 1st Colombia is at war with several gorilla groups and crime organizations, and because of incompetence and corruption with Colombian law enforcement, 40% of all crimes don’t even get reported.

      2nd, weather is very suggestive, different people have different taste! But one thing is for sure, is that Belize has incredible and beautiful beaches, clean air to breath and offers a relaxing stress free lifestyle.

      How about Medellin??

      • The Guerrilla conflicts in Colombia are mainly in the jungles, not the big cities in Colombia. In Belize, the south side of Belize City is dangerous as well as areas near the Guatemalan border. Belize still has one of the highest homicide rates in the world.

        Yes, people have different tastes for weather, as we said at the end of our article, “everyone has different priorities”.

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