La Bronca was a popular Mexican restaurant/bar located in El Poblado in Medellín with a nice atmosphere and very good tacos but is now closed.

La Bronca has some creative and delicious food and generous servings. Also, the service has been attentive each time I have gone.

I have eaten at La Bronca several times since I first discovered this restaurant over a year ago. Many items on the menu are very good. And I especially like the tacos. Also, this restaurant has some spicy sauces. So, make sure to ask for the hot sauces.

I am originally from Texas before I moved to Medellín, so good Mexican food was a part of my life there and I like authentic Mexican food. But much of the Mexican food in Medellín is not very authentic. For example, I am sorry but BBQ sauce doesn’t belong on a burrito. But I have seen BBQ sauce in use at a few of the other Mexican restaurants in Medellín.

EDITOR NOTE: updated on September 27 to show that this restaurant is closed.

Inside La Bronca

Inside La Bronca

Al Pastor tacos

Al Pastor tacos

The Food Menu 

La Bronca has a relatively small food menu. The specially is tacos and there are 6 different types of tacos on the menu:

  • Chili con veggies – crispy tortillas with chili, grilled tomatoes, soy, caraota beans, guacamole and cheese – 22,900 pesos for three.
  • Chicharroncitos de Pulpo – artisan tortillas with ceviche, summer fruits, bronco sauce, avocados and lime juice – 34,900 pesos for three.
  • Camarón Crocante – artisan tortillas with shrimp breaded in quinoa and Jamaican pickled – 29,000 pesos for three.
  • Langosta Barbacoa – artisan tortillas with citric barbecued lobster, cocktail sauce, fresh green apple and citric dressing – 39,900 pesos for three.
  • Cochinota Pibil – artisan tortillas with pork shoulder marinated with roasted spices and grilled, red rice, guacamole, lulo, orange salt and fresh grapefruit – 24,900 pesos for three.
  • Al Pastor La Bronca – artisan tortillas, pork leg marinated with caramelized pineapple and smoked chiles, coriander and fresh lemon – 24,900 pesos for three.

In addition, there are several other Mexican dishes on the menu including flautas, two types of guacamole and Mexican Aztec soup for 24,000 to 27,900 pesos.

Also, there are five fish dishes on the menu with prices ranging from 43,900 to 149,000 pesos. And there are four meat dishes on the menu priced from 47,000 to 76,000 pesos.

Churros XXX dessert - two layers of crispy churros served with vanilla ice cream and blackberry jam

Churros XXX dessert – two layers of crispy churros served with vanilla ice cream and blackberry jam

Finally, there are three desserts on the menu priced from 13,900 to 15,500 pesos. I really like their Churros XXX dessert, which is two layers of crispy churros served with vanilla ice cream and blackberry jam.

The bar at La Bronca

The bar at La Bronca

The Drink Menu

La Bronca has large drink menu, with more drink options than any other Mexican restaurant we have reviewed.

Since this is a Mexican restaurant the specialty is tequila and they have 18 different tequilas on the menu priced from 41,000 to 76,000 pesos for four shots. Also, there are 21 different tequilas available by shot from 15,000 to 79,000 peso or by bottle from 160,000 to 950,000 pesos.

Also, there are four different sangrias for 84,000 to 95,000 pesos for a pitcher. In addition, there are 31 different cocktails priced from 25,000 to 42,000 pesos. And there are 12 gin and tonics on the menu for 31,000 to 45,000 pesos.

On the menu, there are also 70 different liquors available by shot or bottle.  And there are over 30 wines for 80,000 to 260,000 pesos per bottle. And the house wine is 19,000 pesos per glass. In addition, there are 12 beers priced from 4,000 to 10,000 pesos.

There are 14 different beers on the menu for 5,000 to 8,000 pesos. Also, there is sangria for 52,900 pesos per pitcher and six different cocktails for 14,900 to 21,900 pesos.

Finally, for non-alcoholic drinks they have waters, coffees, sodas, teas, juices, lemonades for 5,000 to 24,000 pesos.

La Bronca is about a 20-minute walk from the Poblado metro station

La Bronca is about a 20-minute walk from the Poblado metro station

How to Get to La Bronca

La Bronca is located just off of Calle 10 in El Poblado. And it’s located about four blocks from Parque Lleras.

The nearest Medellín Metro station is the Poblado station on the A Line. La Bronca is located about a 20-minute walk uphill from the metro station or about a 7-minute taxi ride from the metro station.

Taxis are another option to get to this restaurant/bar from your location. Just provide the driver the address below:

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Latin-American-Restaurant/La-Bronca-682154022120938/

Address: Carrera 35 # 8A-125

Phone: +57 311 683 1984

Hours: Sunday to Wednesday: Noon to midnight; Thursday to Saturday: noon to 1:30 am.

Payment accepted: Credit cards or cash

The Best Mexican Restaurants in Medellín and the Aburrá Valley

On the Medellin Guru website, we have looked at 10 of the best Mexican restaurants in Medellín and the Aburrá Valley:

  1. Delirio Exquisito – a popular Mexican-Asian fusion restaurant in Medellín with some very good and creative food.
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  5. El Guero – a chain of three Mexican restaurants in Medellín with good food.
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  8. La Bronca – a popular restaurant/bar in El Poblado with good Mexican food.
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Also, we included La Bronca in our list of the best Mexican restaurants in Medellín.

Inside La Bronca at night, photo courtesy of La Bronca

Inside La Bronca at night, photo courtesy of La Bronca

The Bottom Line: La Bronca – A Popular Mexican Restaurant/Bar in Medellín

I normally stick to the tacos at La Bronca, which are very good. My favorite tacos at this Mexican restaurant are the shrimp tacos. But I have tried several other things on the menu that have also been good.

The bottom line is that this restaurant/bar has a nice atmosphere with a nice presentation and good food. And it’s located not far from Parque Lleras. So, it’s been discovered by many foreigners and is popular.

I have been on a quest to find the best Mexican restaurants in Medellín. And I have tried well over 25 Mexican restaurants and written about nine of the best I have found.

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Editors note: update on September 27, 2021 to show that La Bronca is closed.

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