The Medellin Guru site has been under attack by a massive DDoS attack so we sometimes block countries. We show how to access Medellin Guru when under attack.

Many readers ask when they received an error how to access the site.

The attacks started with a DDoS attack: on April 24. And the Medellin Guru site was attacked by a denial of service attack which shut the site down briefly in the afternoon on April 24.

After the DDoS attack, the attacks increased other areas with massive increases in SPAM, fake emails, fake comments and even attacks on Social Media.

Attacks are Increasing

All of this is a malicious attempt to shut down the Medellin Guru website. We are now battling daily to try to keep the website up and running and need the help of readers.

DDos attacks on Medellin Guru on December 7, 2021

DDos attacks on Medellin Guru on December 7, 2021

On December 7, 2021, we received over 35,000 attacks as seen in the above graphic. If we did not block access to a few countries where most attacks were coming from, the Medellín Guru website would be taken down by the attacks for the entire world, as the website is designed to only handle about 4,000 to 5,000 users per day.

Medellin Guru Added DDoS Protection

Since the attackers continued to attack the site, Medellin Guru was forced to DDoS protection on April 24.

Readers, when you access the Medellin Guru site now you may see a brief message from Cloudflare, our DDoS protection solution that looks like this or if attack are high it may have a CAPTCHA puzzle with photos:

Message you will see for up to 5 seconds when accessing Medellin Guru, DDoS protection

Message you will see for up to 5 seconds when accessing Medellin Guru, DDoS protection

The number of attacks decreased so we were able to remove this message from Cloudflare and the CAPTCHA for a few weeks a few months ago But had to turn it on on June 9 in the afternoon due to more attacks. But we will turn it back off if we see attacks decrease again. We now turn it on and off as needed.

Also there have been other attacks trying to hack the Medellin Guru website and gain access to the admin account.

Editor note on February 3, due to attacks intensifying the past few weeks, we sometimes had to turn of access to Medellin Guru from the U.S. and Canada in the afternoon where the majority of attacks are coming from. This is temporary and will be turned back on when attacks drop and is normally in the afternoon or evening.

Error Message When Country is Blocked

When we turn off access to your country you will see a Security Error Message like this.

Error message when a country is blocked from Medellin Guru

Error message when a country is blocked from Medellin Guru

If you get this error message, you can still access Medellin Guru from other countries such as Mexico. using a VPN. Google search for VPN and find one that works in another country. Express VPN is a popular one that works well and permits to you change your IP to Mexico that we do not block,

Medellin Guru Needs Help from Readers

With all the attacks, we are unable to publish as much new content as we did in the past. So, we would like to add help. So, we need the help of readers.

You can Buy us a Coffee

You can support us by buying us a coffee for only $3 (or more than one coffee).

This is essentially a one time donation.

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The Bottom Line – How to Access Medellin Guru Blog When Under Attack

The popular Medellin Guru blog in Colombia has been under attack for over seven months with millions of DDoS attacks, SPAM, fake comments and emails.

This is a malicious attempt for over four months to shut down the Medellin Guru website.

When we block countries and you see an error message you can still access Medellin Guru from another country using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You can find many VPNs on the Internet that will work.

Has Medellin Guru helped you? We are asking for the help of readers.

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Editors note: updated on March 19, 2022 with information that attacks have continued and to to add a VPN that can be used that bypass the Error 1002 when we block countries when we are under attack.

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