Hacienda is a popular chain of Colombian restaurants with six locations in Medellín. This chain serves good comida típica – traditional Colombian dishes.

Hacienda restaurants are quite popular with local Colombians and some tourists. And the restaurants have a nice relaxed atmosphere.

I have eaten at Hacienda many times over the past eight years. And the food has been consistently good in my experience with good service. Also, my Colombian wife loves the food at Hacienda.

In addition, you can find several of the 15 traditional Colombian dishes we previously looked at on the menu at Hacienda.

Note the above photo is courtesy of Hacienda.

Inside Hacienda's El Centro location

Inside Hacienda’s El Centro location

History of Hacienda

Hacienda was founded in 1991 in the heart of El Centro in Medellín on Carrera 49 (Junín). It is located on the second floor with a quiet balcony overlooking the busy pedestrian street below.

The goal of Hacienda was to create a place where you could experience the Antioqueña culture, rescuing its values and traditions, through good service, music and good food.

The Junín location in El Centro is the chain’s original restaurant. And this is where all its recipes were created years ago by housewives from Antioquia. These housewives carefully selected the best ingredients and in their proper quantities with a goal to offer best comida típica from Medellin.

Since opening that first location in 1991, Hacienda expanded to where it now has six restaurants in Medellín. And on Fridays and Saturdays at some restaurants they have live music.

Several of the Colombia dishes available, photo courtesy of Hacienda

Several of the Colombia dishes available, photo courtesy of Hacienda

The Food Menu

This restaurant chain specializes in comida típica – traditional Colombian dishes.

On the menu you’ll find 10 traditional Colombian dishes including Bandeja Paisa, Mondongo soup, Sancocho soup and several more. Prices for Colombian dishes range from 14,900 to 55,000 pesos.

And the Bandeja Paisa, which is called Bandeja Hacienda is priced at 302,900 pesos or 15,900 pesos for a mini Bandeja Paiasa.

The Bandeja Paisa at Hacienda

The Bandeja Paisa at Hacienda

Also, there is a Frijolada Familiar – family platter – intended for four people with beans, rice, pork rinds, ground beef, sausage, avocados and arepas for 79,900 pesos.

In addition, there are six different appetizers on the menu including empanaditas, patacones and cheese arepas with prices ranging from 5,400 to 27,900 pesos.

Also, there are over 10 meat and chicharron dishes on the menu ranging in price from 15,900 to 57,900 pesos. And there is a chicken dish priced at 25,900 pesos and a fish dish for 27,900 pesos.

Finally, there are five desserts on the menu with prices ranging from 5,900 to 9,900 pesos. But I haven’t had room for a dessert yet at this restaurant chain.

The Frijolada Familiar – family platter, photo courtesy of Hacienda

The Frijolada Familiar – family platter, photo courtesy of Hacienda

The Drink Menu

This restaurant chain has a decent sized drink menu. The drink menu includes 11 different local, imported and artisanal beers for 5,400 to 8,900 pesos each.

In addition, there are nine different wines on the menu for 54,900 to 74,900 pesos per bottle. And the three house wines are 11,900 pesos per cup.

Also, they have 13 different liquors on the menu like aguardiente, rum, tequila and whisky available by bottle, half-bottle or shot.

Finally, there are several non-alcoholic drinks on the menu including sodas, natural juices, water, tea and lemonade with prices ranging from 4,100 to 6,900 pesos.

How to Get to Hacienda

Hacienda has six restaurant locations in the Medellín area listed below:

  1. Barrio Manila – El Poblado – Calle 12 # 43D-114
  2. Ciudad Del Río – El Poblado – Carrera 48 # 20-34
  3. La Strada – El Poblado – Carrera 43A # 1Sur-150
  4. El Centro (Junín) – Carrera 49 # 52-98, 2nd floor
  5. Guayabal – Calle 16 # 55-129
  6. Buenos Aires – Calle 49 # 21-38, local 301 in La Central mall

Telephone: +57 4 448 9030

Website: https://www.haciendaorigen.com/

Hours: Noon to 9 pm (except the El Centro location, which closes earlier at 8 pm).

The Best Colombia Food (Comida Típica) in Medellín

On the Medellin Guru site we have looked at eight of the best Colombian food restaurants in Medellín metro area with good comida típica – traditional Colombian dishes:

  1. El Rancherito (with nine locations)
  2. Hacienda (with six locations)
  3. Hato Viejo (with four locations)
  4. Mondongo’s (with two locations)
  5. El Viejo John (with one location in Sabaneta)
  6. Ajiacos y Mondongos (with one location)
  7. La Hija de Stella (with one location in Sabaneta)
  8. El Peregrino (with one location in Sabaneta)
The Hacienda location in El Centro, on the second floor

The Hacienda location in El Centro, on the second floor

The Bottom Line – Hacienda

Hacienda has grown to a chain of six popular restaurants in Medellín for a good reason. They serve very good comida típica – traditional Colombian dishes.

With good food and service, on the weekends the restaurants in this chain can usually be pretty busy. Also, this restaurant chain is a good place to soak up the Paisa atmosphere.

However, you can find typical Colombian food throughout Medellín in many local restaurants with lower prices. But if you are looking for very good traditional Colombian dishes and a higher quality of service and atmosphere, Hacienda is recommended.

The biggest competition to Hacienda is El Rancherito and Hato Viejo, which are two other chains that also have very good traditional Colombian food in my experience.

When I have visitors from out-of-town I always bring them to Hacienda, El Rancherito, Hato Viejo or El Viejo John to try out traditional Colombian dishes.

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Editors note: updated on November 11, 2019 with the current menu and prices at Hacienda.

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