La Hija de Stella is a very popular Colombian restaurant in Sabaneta with good food. This restaurant serves traditional Colombian dishes (comida tipica).

La Hija de Stella is Spanish for “Stella’s Daughter”. In addition, this restaurant is currently the second highest rated restaurant located in Sabaneta on TripAdvisor.

This restaurant is popular with locals in Sabaneta and a few foreigners that have discovered it due to having some very good Colombian food. And I have eaten at this restaurant several times and the food and service has always been very good.

Note three of the above four photos are courtesy of La Hija de Stella.

The Bandeja Paisa

The Bandeja Paisa

The Food Menu

This restaurant specializes in comida típica – traditional Colombian dishes. But a few of the typical Colombian dishes are only available on the weekend.

The following four dishes are only available on the weekends:

  1. Bandeja Paisa for 26,000 pesos
  2. Sancocho soup for 18,500 pesos
  3. Mondongo soup for 15,000 pesos
  4. Frijoles (beans) with chicharrón (pork rind) for 20,000 pesos

There are several other Colombian dishes on menu including several chicken, steak and ribs dishes with prices ranging from 10,000 to 36,000 pesos.

The Picada Clasica, photo courtesy of La Hija de Stella

The Picada Clasica, photo courtesy of La Hija de Stella

This restaurant also specializes in the “Picada Clasica” which is a combination of blood sausage, sausage (chorizo), pork rind (chicharrón), arepas, patacón and hogao sauce. Picada clasica is priced from 12,500 pesos for one person to 95,000 pesos for 10 people.

In addition, with the picada clasica you can change out the sausages for ribs and also add additional portions.

Empanaditas appetizer for 4,000 pesos

Empanaditas appetizer for 4,000 pesos

Also, on the menu are five different appetizers priced from 3,000 to 7,500 pesos.

Finally, there are eight different desserts on the menu. But I seem to never have room for dessert at this restaurant.

The Drink Menu

This restaurant has a relatively small drink menu. The drink menu includes eight different beers for 4,500 to 7,000 pesos. And there are pitchers of rafajo (beer mixed with Colombiana soda) available for 13,000 pesos for a half pitcher and 23,000 pesos for a pitcher. Also, there are three wines available by the cup for 7,000 pesos.

In addition, there are several liquors on the menu with shots priced from 7,000 to 15,000 pesos or by the bottle priced from 62,000 to 85,000 pesos.

Finally, for non-alcoholic drinks there are sodas, water and tea with prices ranging from 2,000 to 3,500 pesos.

How to Get to La Hija de Stella

This restaurant is located in Sabaneta and is within walking distance from two Medellín metro stations.

The restaurant is located about a 12-minute walk from the La Estrella metro station on Line A. Or it’s about an 18-minute walk from the Sabaneta metro station. Also, it’s about a 10-minute walk from Parque Sabaneta.

Popular Parque Sabaneta

Popular Parque Sabaneta

In addition, you could travel via taxi to this restaurant from your location in the metro area. Just provide the taxi driver the address below.

Website: https://lahijadestella.webnode.es/

Address: Carrera 46 # 75 Sur-254, Sabaneta

Phone: +57 4 277 0953

Hours: Monday to Thursday: 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm; Friday: 5:00 pm to 11:30 pm; Saturday: Noon to 11:30 pm; Sunday and Holidays: Noon to 10:00 pm.

The Best Colombian Food (Comida Típica) in Medellín

On the Medellin Guru site we have looked at eight of the best Colombian food restaurants in the Medellín metro area with good comida típica – traditional Colombian dishes:

  1. El Rancherito (with nine locations)
  2. Hacienda (with six locations)
  3. Hato Viejo (with four locations)
  4. Mondongo’s (with two locations)
  5. El Viejo John (with one location in Sabaneta)
  6. Ajiacos y Mondongos (with one location)
  7. La Hija de Stella (with one location in Sabaneta)
  8. El Peregrino (with one location in Sabaneta)
Inside La Hija de Stella

Inside La Hija de Stella

The Bottom Line – La Hija de Stella in Sabaneta

La Hija de Stella has some very good Colombian food. So. it’s quite popular. I really like the food at this restaurant. And I have been there several times since I discovered it late last year.

The biggest competition for this restaurant in Sabaneta is El Viejo John, which is a popular Colombian restaurant located near Parque Sabaneta. Both La Hija de Stella and El Viejo John have good Colombian food.

In my experience, La Hija de Stella is normally the busiest on the weekends when it is typically filled with local Colombians who know the food is good. Also, this restaurant has a few more comida tipica options available on the menu on the weekends.

If you are looking for a place in Sabaneta with very good Colombian dishes, La Hija de Stella is recommended.

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