We provide a guide to Colombia news in English for foreigners. We look at websites with Colombian news in English found on the Internet.

Several Medellin Guru readers have asked about Colombian news in English and what are some of the best sites to find out about Colombia news in English.

There are only a few websites that are focused exclusively on Colombia news in English. But news about Colombia is regularly covered in English by many international news publications around the world.

First, we look at a few news sites that cover Colombia exclusively. And then we look at some of the international news publications that have English-language news about Colombia.

The City Paper website

The City Paper website

The City Paper

The English-language newspaper, The City Paper, was founded in April 2008.  The City Paper is reportedly Colombia’s largest and longest-running English-language newspaper.

This online newspaper features news and articles about lifestyle, business, culture and dining. Also, it is distributed free of charge in restaurants, hotels and tourist centers in Bogotá. The focus is primarily on Bogotá but also covers other cities in Colombia.

The City Paper is online and also has a print edition. The print edition can be delivered to your doorstep every month. The cost is 89,000 pesos in Bogotá for 12 issues. They also deliver to all destinations across Colombia, as well as internationally upon request.

Website: http://thecitypaperbogota.com/

The Bogotá Post website

The Bogotá Post website

The Bogotá Post

The English-language The Bogotá Post newspaper was founded in 2014 with an aim to present current and interesting content. The content of this newspaper primarily covers the city of Bogotá.

This newspaper covers news, business and finance, international news, reader opinions and news features on topical matters, Also, it has sports, restaurant reviews, events and entertainment.

This newspaper is printed every three weeks and distributed in almost 400 locations throughout Bogotá to major hotels, restaurants, hostels, bars, embassies, and directly to a large number of businesses.

Website: https://thebogotapost.com/

Finance Colombia website

Finance Colombia website

Finance Colombia

The Finance Colombia website is the only English-language publication dedicated to Colombia’s economy, business world, and financial sector.

The content of this publication targets international money managers, multinational executives, accredited investors, economists and international tourists.

The publication is managed by a team of financial sector and journalism veterans, and a subscription is complimentary for qualified subscribers.

Website: https://www.financecolombia.com/

Medellin Herald website

Medellin Herald website

Medellin Herald

The Medellin Herald publication is an English-language news service uniquely focused on an audience of visitors, investors, conference and trade-show attendees, property buyers, expats, retirees, volunteers and nature lovers.

U.S. native Roberto Peckham founded Medellin Herald in 2015 and has been residing in metro Medellin since 2005 and has traveled regularly and extensively throughout Colombia since 1981.

Website: https://www.medellinherald.com/

International News Sites Covering Colombia News in English

Many international news sites cover the news in Colombia in English. Here is a partial list, which have news sections focused on Colombia:

Many other news publications around the world cover the news in Colombia in English periodically.  We recommend setting up a Google Alert for Colombia news.

Medellin Guru Events & Discussion Forum

Medellin Guru Events & Discussion Forum

Medellin Guru Events & Discussion Forum

Medellin Guru launched the Medellin Guru Events & Discussion Forum in July 2018 on Facebook. We regularly post news from around the world about Colombia and Venezuela in this Facebook group.

In less than two years over 570 Colombia news articles have been posted in this group, as well as over 140 Venezuela news articles.

So, instead of having to search the Internet to find Colombia news, you can join this group on Facebook and see a curated list of Colombia news posts every week.

This popular group has grown to over 2,400 members in less than two years.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2049770935285229/

Other Colombia News Sites

There are a few other websites with news in English about Colombia that Medellin Guru cannot in good conscience endorse or recommend, So, they were not included in the above list.

Spanish Language News Sites

There are many Spanish language news sites in Colombia. Here are some of the most popular:

The Bottom Line: A Guide to Colombia English Language News

Unfortunately there are only a few news publication websites that focus exclusively on Colombian news in English. But many international news publications cover news about Colombia in English.

In addition, there are several blogs in English that focus on Colombia. We have have a guide to the top blogs in Colombia by expats.

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