We provide a guide to Pequeno Teatro, which is a small but popular theater in Medellín that hosts many events yearly including plays and other performing arts.

Several Medellin Guru readers have asked about the theaters in Medellín. So, we started looking at the theaters in Medellín. And this is the fourth theater we have looked at.

Pequeno Teatro (Small Theater) is the smallest theater we have looked at so far. But it is still very popular due to events being low cost at this theater.

Pequeno Teatro hosts many events each year including plays, dance, comedy and other performing arts. What is notable about this theater is that many of its plays are led by local actors. And the theater prides itself in having helped local theater go from hobby to profession.

Note the above photos are courtesy of Pequeno Teatro.

Entrance of Pequeno Teatro

Entrance of Pequeno Teatro

History of Pequeno Teatro

The Pequeno Teatro Association of Medellín was founded in 1975.  The theater is located in a Republican-style house that is an architectural heritage of Medellin.

The central courtyard houses a bicentennial palm tree surrounded two theater halls (the larger has capacity for about 400 spectators), the headquarters building of the Actor Training School, a specialized library, an exhibition hall and a small café.

The two theater halls in the theater operate simultaneously throughout the year from Tuesday to Saturday. A varied repertoire of the performing arts is offered. This includes performing arts of the theater, events from guest companies and some seasons when the theater becomes the epicenter of festivals.

Inside the theater, photo courtesy of Pequeno Teatro

Inside the theater, photo courtesy of Pequeno Teatro

Events at the Theater

This theater offers a varied program throughout the year. The events at the theater have included plays, workshops, dance, comedy, and other performing arts.

This theater posts events on the Pequeno Teatro website and on the theater’s Facebook page.

Furthermore, Medellin Guru covers Medellín events, which we update weekly. And we plan to include any notable events at this theater of interest to foreigners in our weekly event calendar.

A play at the theater, photo courtesy of Pequeno Teatro

A play at the theater, photo courtesy of Pequeno Teatro

Buying Tickets

This theater has a ticket office that is open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm.  Also, there are many other places to buy tickets listed on its website. And events listed on the theater website generally have a button to buy tickets online.

The ticket system at this theater is called “free entry with a voluntary contribution”, which was implemented in 2002. This helps enable performing arts for all audiences.

Tickets at this theater generally are cheaper than at some of larger theaters in the city. For example, for two recent events, the voluntary contribution was only 10,000 to 15,000 pesos for the lowest priced tickets.

The theater is located about a block from the Pabellón del Agua tram station

The theater is located about a block from the Pabellón del Agua tram station

How to Get to Pequeno Teatro

This theater is located in El Centro. One way to get there is by using the Medellín Metro. To get there take the A Line to the San Antonio metro station and then take the TA Tranvía tram line to the Pabellón del Agua station.

The theater is located about a block from the Pabellón del Agua tram-line station. Taxis are another options to get to this theater from your location. Just provide the driver the address below:


Address: Carrera 42 # 50A-12, El Centro, Medellín

Phone: +57 4 239 3947

Theaters in Medellín

So far on the Medellin Guru website we have looked six theaters in the Medellín metro area:

  1. Universidad de Medellín Teatro – the largest theater in Medellín located on the University of Medellín campus – with capacity for 1,702 spectators.
  2. Teatro Metropolitano José Gutiérrez Gómez – one of the largest theaters in Medellín – with capacity for 1,634 spectators.
  3. Teatro Lido – a popular theater in El Centro where all events are free – with capacity for 1,100 spectators.
  4. Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe – a popular theater in El Centro – with capacity for 923 spectators
  5. Pequeno Teatro – a small but popular theater in El Centro – with capacity in its larger space for about 400 spectators.
  6. Teatro Matacandelas – a very small but intimate theater in El Centro that is popular – with capacity for about 140 spectators.

Also, we plan to look at a few additional theaters in the Medellín area in detail plus publish a comprehensive guide to all the theaters in Medellín.

Pequeno Teatro, photo by SajoR

Pequeno Teatro, photo by SajoR

The Bottom Line: Pequeno Teatro

Pequeno Teatro is small theater that hasn’t been discovered by many foreigners. But it’s a popular theater in Medellín for locals and it has many events each year ranging from plays, dance and other performing arts.

There are normally several events at this theater weekly. And all of the events at this theater are “free” with a low voluntary contribution. Also, we plan to include notable events at this theater in our Medellín Events calendar that is updated weekly.

I have been to a few plays at this theater over the past eight years and it’s a nice theater that is more intimate than the larger theaters in the city.

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