Colombia domestic flights return to normal with Bogotá now having 41 domestic routes, the same number it had pre-coronavirus.

Bogota had 41 domestic routes in the week starting November 23, 2020 and Bogotá also had 41 domestic routes in February – the same number of domestic routes.

However, the Bogotá domestic routes now generate 965 one-way flights. This is down from 2,090 flights pre-coronavirus pandemic.

The number of domestic flights has dropped from pre-coronavirus times due to less demand with fewer daily and weekly domestic flights. But the same number of destinations are served from Bogotá.

Out of 41 domestic routes Bogotá had pre-pandemic, only San Vicente del Caguá is no longer served.  This city has been replaced by Aguachica, which is new for 2020, and with flights twice-weekly using Satenas’s ATR-42s.

Bogota’s proportion of domestic flights has risen from 73 percent in 2019 to 82 percent now. So, international flights in Bogotá now represent only 18 percent of flights.  This demonstrates the significance of domestic flight services, amid the pandemic.

Avianca plane at the Pereira Airport, photo by Edisonbcn

Avianca plane at the Pereira Airport, photo by Edisonbcn

Colombia’s Current Domestic Flights Market Share

Six airlines now operate domestic flights in Colombia. The following is the current market share in November 2020 of the six airlines flying domestically in Colombia:

  1. Avianca – 48 percent
  2. LATAM – 27 percent
  3. VivaAir Colombia – 9 percent
  4. Satena – 8 percent
  5. Easyfly – 5 percent
  6. Wingo – 2 percent
El Dorado Bogotá Airport (BOG), photo by EEIM - Medellin Guru

El Dorado Bogotá Airport (BOG), photo by EEIM – Medellin Guru

Top 10 Domestic Destinations from Bogotá

Despite Bogota having a widespread domestic network, 79 percent of its domestic flights are to only 10 destinations:

  1. Medellín (MDE)
  2. Cali
  3. Cartagena
  4. Barranquilla
  5. Santa Marta
  6. Pereira
  7. Bucaramanga
  8. Cúcuta
  9. Monteria
  10. San Andrés

Both Avianca and LATAM are fly to all of Bogota’s top-10 routes. These two airlines have 82 percent market share for theses top 10 routes.

The first domestic flight on July 21 from Easyfly, starting to resume domestic flights in Colombia, photo courtesy of Colombia's Transport Ministry

The first domestic flight on July 21 from Easyfly, starting to resume domestic flights in Colombia, photo courtesy of Colombia’s Transport Ministry

Domestic Flights Resumed in Colombia on July 21

Colombia resumed domestic flights in Colombia on July 21 flights between Bucaramanga and Cúcuta.

And by early September domestic flights resumed to 15 airports and the number of domestic airports served has continued to grow since that time.

El Dorado Airport (BOG) in Bogotá opened on September 1 with initially domestic flights to and from only three airports:

  1. Rafael Núñez International Airport (CTG)in Cartagena
  2. Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airportin San Andres Islands
  3. Alfredo Vásquez Cobo Airport in Leticia

And by November 23, from El Dorado Airport (BOG) in Bogotá, you can now flow to 41 destinations in Colombia.

So, in about two months, domestic flights from Bogotá have already returned to the same number of domestic destinations as pre-pandemic.

Domestic flights return to normal but there are about half as many daily domestic flights  from Bogotá compared to pre-pandemic, due to now having lower demand.

Avianca plane at Cartagena airport for a domestic flight

Avianca plane at Cartagena airport for a domestic flight

Biosafety Protocols for Domestic Flights in Colombia

The following are the biosafety protocols for domestic flights that are now defined in Resolucion 1054 of June 27, which includes:

  • Passengers need to arrive at the airport two hours before a flight.
  • Only passengers and workers may enter the airport.
  • At the airport entrance and on arrival of flights, the temperature of passengers will be taken..
  • Face masks are required.
  • Lines at the airport are limited to 10 people and will have distance between passengers controlled to ensure social distancing. There will be three lines to board planes with a maximum of 10 passengers per line.
  • You cannot carry hand luggage that would go in the overhead, limited to a small bag or purse for a carryon that fits under the seat.
  • Luggage in the aircraft hold will be disinfected.
  • It is recommended that passenger have the CoronAppapplication on their cell phones.
  • Minors or adults with disabilities must travel with a companion.
  • Upon landing leave the airport and quickly remove baggage.
  • Report to EPS, the Ministry of Health and the airline if you have similar symptoms of COVID-19 up to 14 days after the flight.
  • The airlines must allow the transport of antibacterial or antiseptic gels and liquids in hand luggage, with a maximum quantity of 355 milliliters per person.

Also, note that a COVID-19 test was required for travel to San Andres but this ended on September 28 according to the Ministry of Health.

On the flight:

  • Use of a face mask is required by passengers and crew.
  • Airlines must provide face masks if the passenger does not have one.
  • Passengers must remain seated until the cabin crew authorizes the disembarkation.
  • Airlines must have antibacterial gel to give the passenger when necessary.
  • Aircraft will not provide food or drink services on board
  • Travelers will be asked not to use on-board entertainment systems such as screens, mobile phones, among others.
  • If possible, aircraft toilets should not be used.

The Bottom Line: Colombia Domestic Flights Return to Normal: Bogotá has 41 Routes

Domestic flights in Colombia return to normal with essentially the same number of domestic destinations being served. But this is a new normal with fewer daily flights and biosafety protocols must be followed.

You can now fly domestically to most destinations in Colombia. However, to get to some destinations if you are not in Bogotá you may have to connect in Bogotá, which has the most domestic destinations.

In addition, we have a separate article covering how to find cheap domestic flights in Colombia.

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