Elefun Spanish School is an immersive and community oriented Spanish school that offers two in person locations in Medellin, Colombia, as well as an array of online classes. Along with their group and private classes, Elefun offers foreigners a chance to obtain a Colombian student visa through their certified and accredited long term general group classes.

Elefun’s first location was established in 2017 and is located 3 blocks from the Estadio metro station in a residential Laurels neighborhood. The school fits in with surrounding houses, making the atmosphere of classes light and comfortable. Elefun’s second location is in the center of Manila, Poblado’s busy tourist district. This location provides a more traditional school lay out.

In addition to offering traditional group and private classes, the Manila location is offering two types of Survival Spanish courses to prepare travelers for their adventures in Colombia. The first Survival Spanish Course is an online 10 hour a week course that is meant to prepare students with the absolute basics for their travels in Colombia. Additionally, once students arrive in Medellín they have the opportunity to take this 1-week long, 20-hour intensive Survival Spanish Course in person. The course is designed to arm travelers with the fundamental basics and boost their confidence in the Spanish language.

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a professor laughs enthusiastically while teaching an online classs

a professor laughs enthusiastically while teaching an online classs

Elefun Spanish School’s Online Courses – Valid for Student Visa

Elefun offers foreigners online classes in order to reach their Spanish learning goals from anywhere. Online Spanish courses can be taken long term in order to qualify for a student visa, from a couple weeks up to twelve-month increments. At Elefun it is common that students taken both in person and online courses. Some students begin courses online before arrival and then transition to in person classes or vice versa. Online courses give students the opportunity to study with a qualified native professor while learning the native dialect and culture. While taking online classes, students can participate in a weekly online language exchange where they are able to meet locals and practice their conversational Spanish.

About Elefun’s Student Visa Eligible Courses

Elefun is accredited by the Colombia Ministry of Education, giving students the opportunity to obtain a student visa while studying either in person or online. Elefun structures their certified curriculum upon the Common European Framework (MCER), providing 6-8 weeklong courses in levels and sublevels A1 through C2. In order to qualify for Elefun’s student visa course, students must take 10 hours of in person or online general group Spanish classes per week. Students can enroll and become eligible to receive a student visa by taking in between 3, 6, or 12 months of these classes. The visa eligible course is designed to help you reach your Spanish learning goals by progressing you through the curriculum over time. Each sub-level lasts between 6-8 weeks. Students choose between the long they would like to enroll with Elefun and this determines the length of their student visa. The longer a student’s visa, the closer they will become to reaching their Spanish learning goals. 

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Practicing Immersion while Obtaining your Student Visa

Foreigners looking to obtain their student visas should expect a Spanish immersion approach with Elefun. Classes will attempt to push students and their peers out of their comfort zone and excite students to learn about the Colombian language and culture. The school encourages students and teachers to set common learning goals, this helps create a community where students feel motivated instead of frustrated by the discomfort of learning a foreign language. 

A professor leads Elefun’s weekly 1-hour free class at Viajero Hostal in Manila Poblado

A professor leads Elefun’s weekly 1-hour free class at Viajero Hostal in Manila Poblado

In order for students to experience cultural immersion, Elefun organizes weekly activities outside of the classroom. The school offers two weekly in-person language exchanges as well as one online language exchange open to the public. Additionally, they offer a weekly free class and one weekly cultural activity. The activities rotate between more outdoor experiences such as a Tejo or the Tres Cruces hike, to cultural experiences like a salsa class or coffee tour. 

 A teacher smiles while signaling to something on the board

A teacher smiles while signaling to something on the board

2023 Online or in person Student Visa eligible courses at Elefun

  • All courses are structured with the following services
  • Includes: A qualified professor and guided curriculum
  • Hours per week: 2 hours a day/10 hours a week
  • Days: Monday – Friday
  • Activities: Online language exchange every Tuesday from 2-3PM

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Students at OLSA (pre-pandemic), photo courtesy of OLSA

Students at Elefun (pre-pandemic), photo courtesy of Elefun

How to Reach Elefun Spanish School 

Elefun’s Laureles location is in the Northwest of the city, accessible by metro, bus, or taxi. If you choose to stay in the more traditional neighborhoods of Laureles, you will find Elefun to be located two blocks (east) of la 70 and just 3 blocks from the Estadio metro station. Elefun’s Manila location is locating in the Southeast part of the city. By getting off at the Poblado metro station, it is a close 10-minute walk up Calle 10, just 3 blocks before reaching Parque del Poblado. Additional resources are provided below to get in touch with Elefun. 

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Get Started on your Journey towards Spanish Immersion!

A professor leads as group class at the Laureles location

A professor leads as group class at the Laureles location

Elefun Spanish School is a certified and accredited institution that encourages students to practice hands on and immersive learning through their online and in person classes. Their student visa offers foreigners a chance to live in Colombia while learning the Spanish language. Students can expect to receive curriculum driven course loads, unique learning styles from enthusiastic and certified native Colombian teachers, as well as meet an international community of travelers with like-minded goals of immersion. 

Elefun welcomes students to enroll for their long term online and in-person courses by getting in touch via email or WhatsApp. Elefun maintains an open enrollment system, meaning that with enough notice you are able to get into classes. For standard online and in-person group classes, private classes, or the survival course, Elefun coordination requests notice the week before your intended start date. In the case of the student visa, Elefun recommends getting in touch with expatgroup for consultations as well as Elefun coordination as soon as possible for enrollment information. The visa processing time can vary, so it is recommended that potential students get a head start by asking for more information.

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