Elefun is a popular Spanish school in Medellín that offers student visas with certified grammar courses and conversational Spanish classes.

At Elefun it is possible to obtain a Colombian Student visa with courses that cost less than the universities in Medellín.

  • Uses U.S. University Accredited Spanish Program – Elefun uses the Vista and Facetas systems used by over 100 universities in the U.S.
  • Save Money – Spanish classes at Elefun are cheaper than at the Universities in Medellín. So, you can save money while learning Spanish.
  • Owner is from the U.S. – The owner of Elefun is from the U.S. and the school offers customer service meeting the sometime-demanding expectations of foreigners.

Fill Out this short form and you will be contacted by Elefun regarding Spanish Classes:

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2021 Costs for Spanish Courses at Elefun

All courses at Elefun are 14 hours per week (8 hours of grammar and 6 hours conversational). Here are 2021 costs for Spanish Courses at Elefun

Levels A1 and A2 are two months each and levels B1 and B2 are four months each. 2021 costs for Spanish courses are:

  • Group Courses: 1,250,000 pesos (COP) per month
  • Partner Courses: 1,600,000 pesos (COP) per month
  • Private Courses: 2,600,000 pesos (COP) per month

Also, there are discounts for multiple courses (5 percent for two courses, 7 percent for three courses and 10 percent for four courses).

We have a separate article about taking Spanish classes at Elefun  with more details. Also, we have an article that is a guide to obtaining a Colombian student visas.

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