El Correo y Amada Grilled Delights, Wine, and Desserts

El Correo y Amada

It was born from the hearts of food lovers. We create it for those who want to share special moments with family and friends. They were created to indulge your palate, ensuring you leave with a full belly and a happy heart.

In one place, you'll find the most delectable starters, juicy and tender meats, exquisite wines, and the most delicious desserts!

Our journey began with Amada Repostería Boutique, paying homage to our grandmother's recipes, which we decided to share with the world. Later, El Correo Carne y Vino emerged, a restaurant inspired by a beautiful dream, offering a unique gastronomic experience. Since then, we haven't stopped dreaming and working tirelessly to provide the best for our customers.
Events & Celebrations

Celebrate your events in El Correo y Amada

This is the perfect place to savor every moment. Enjoy your special occasions with us!

Finish your experience with our Amada's Desserts


El Correo y Amada and its great sweet dishes

Boutique Pastry Shop! An idea to pay tribute to Grandma and her delicious creations. You can enjoy the best dessert recipes that our dear grandma Amada created, filled with love and good vibes.
El Correo y Amada desserts

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