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Ammazza Pizzería & Gin Garden

We chose this expression, which translates to 'amazing,' because it is our goal, mission, and vision. We aim to provide you with a magnificent experience, starting from the exquisite flavors of our dishes, engaging all your senses. It begins with the ambiance, the aroma of our gin & tonics and our menu, the sounds of contemporary music, and touches your heart as we know you'll be so delighted that you'll want to return time and time again.
Ammazza Pizzería

Celebrate your events with us

Ammazza Pizzería is the perfect place to savor every moment. Enjoy your special occasions with us!

Enhance your meal with distinct and exclusive cocktails


Ammazza Pizzería Gin Tonics

We have been pioneers in the wonderful world of Gin Tonics, introducing not just a market but a culture that had boomed in Europe but was nearly unknown in our country. That's why we decided to create this gin garden, a place of unusual delights where you will find within your reach a wide variety of gins prepared with a range of botanicals that will elevate each of their flavors to make your experience unforgettable.

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